Hot Cross Donuts

Bring a fresh new taste to your Easter menu with these delicious hot cross donuts!

  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 15 serves
  • skilled


  • MAURI YRD Donut Mix 5.000kg
  • MAURI Compressed Yeast OR 0.250kg MAURI Instant Dried Yeast 0.100kg
  • Mixed Spice 0.060kg
  • Water (Variable) 2.400 - 2.500kg

This recipe was provided by the team at Mauri


1. Dry blend the yeast and mixed spice through the MAURI YRD Donut Mix. 

2. Add water. 

3. Mix for 1 minute on 1st speed, scrape down. 

4. Mix for a further 8-10 minutes on 1st speed, or until developed. 

5. Allow a 5 minute rest. 

6. Roll dough out to desired thickness (approximately 10mm), relax dough 2 to 3 times during processing. 7. Cut out 55mm rounds for the dough. Each round should weigh approximately 55g. 

8. Final proof time 20-35 minutes (until volume is doubled). Settings: 75-80% humidity, 35ºC. 

9. Make up the MAURI Palm Free White Cross Mix and apply to the buns. 

10.Fry at 190ºC for approximately 1 minute each side, or until cooked as required. 

11.Coat donuts in sugar while still warm. Note: A finished dough temperature of 27ºC is recommended.