Cherry & Dark Chocolate Christmas Cake

This recipe will surprise and delight with its rich golden crumb, scattered with plump Morello cherries and topped with a dark chocolate ganache.

  • 40 min
    Prep: 20 m / Cook: 20 m
  • easy



  • 1kg Classic Hi Ratio Utility Cake Mix
  • 200g Eggs
  • 400mL Cherry juice
  • 200g Almond meal 
  • 400g Morello cherries


  • 400g Dark Chocolate
  • 200mL Thickened Cream


  • Combine egg, cherry juice, cake mix and almond meal in a mixing bowl.
  • Using a whisk, mix on slow speed for 30 seconds. Scrape bowl. 
  • Whisk for a further 5 minutes on medium speed.
  • Deposit 200g of mix into Christmas tree moulds. 
  • Sprinkle cherries on top of batter. 
  • Bake at 175°C until baked through, allow to cool.
  • Bring the cream to a gentle boil.
  • Place dark chocolate in a separate mixing bowl. Pour boiled cream over the dark chocolate and whisk until smooth.
  • Pour over baked cakes in moulds, garnish with desired Christmas decorations.